Tuesday, January 12, 2010


VET.SWX chart
Some quick observations on the Vetropack 2008 annual report:

Average sales price per bottle or glass: CHF 0.18

Ukrainian currency fell in 4th quarter by 60%!
At the end of 2008, Vetropack's capacity totals 4'250 tons of glass per day in its 16 furnaces across seven locations.
Family owned business, holding is in Bülach, Swiss factory in St-Prex.
Content and Method of Determining Remuneration. The level of remuneration to members of
the BoD is determined by the BoD as a whole. Only cash benefits are paid. No share or option
plans exist. The level of remuneration to the members of the MB is determined by the Chairman of the BoD. In addition to a basic level of remuneration that reflects the responsibility borne by an individual, there is a variable performance related component based on the results of the business unit and/or the Group.
In 2007, glass recycling quotas reached 95% in Switzerland, 80% in Austria and 59% in Croatia. Recycling accounted for 34% in Slovakia, 50% in the Czech Republic and 23% in Ukraine.
Sales by Market Segments (4.27 billion units, 1.3 million tons of glass)

33% Beer
24% Wine
17% Food
11% Spirits
09% Mineral waters / carbonated beverages
06% Juice