Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Gerald Levin was CEO at Time Warner before and after the "worst merger in history" with AOL. Of course, he isn't any more. Amazingly he is trying to use his reputation for his new health business Moonview (annual fee of $175'000):
“He understands what it’s like to be in the headlights of the press, when your privacy is taken away and you don’t have the dignity to take a tumble in private,” Laurie says about her husband. “His experiences are his certification.”
The quote is from this Bloomberg article (page 4).

Here is another take on his new business:
read it (below) and weep; it becomes successively more and more unreal as you reach the bottom; rome is burning, and these people are fucking around -ignorance and aristocracy in action -one of those articles in which the pseudoscience is so deep that its principals are quoted as opposed to typical 'third person' reporting (he/she said ... etc).


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