Saturday, October 14, 2006

Google's Shopping Tour

From Wikipedia: List of acquisitions by Google (here is the same list for Microsoft)

For reference, here is a list with a description for all Google Acquisitions.

The following list is copied from Google Blogoscoped: The Acquisition Price Guide

CompanyAcquired byPrice
SkypeEbay$2.6 billion
YouTubeGoogle$1.65 billion
5% investment in AOLGoogle$1 billion
MySpaceNews Corp$580 million
dMarc BroadcastingGoogle$102 million
GrouperSony$65 million
FlickrYahoo$30-35 million (rumored)
del.icio.usYahoo$30-35 million (rumored)
BloglinesIAC (Ask)$25 million (rumored)
Weblogs Inc.AOL$25 million (rumored)
BloggerGoogle$20 million (rumored)
OddpostYahoo$20 million (rumored)
JumpcutYahoo$15 million (rumored)
LiveJournalSixApart$20 million (rumored)
RojoSixApart$10 million (rumored)
PicasaGoogleUnder $5 million (rumored)
MeasureMapGoogleUnder $5 million (rumored)
2.6% ownership of BaiduGoogle$5 million
weblogs.comVerisign$2 million
WritelyGoogleAround $2 million (rumored)
DodgeballGoogleAround $1 million (rumored)
Upcoming.orgYahooAround $1 million (rumored)
WebJayYahooAround $1 million (rumored)
Deja NewsGoogle$???

BTW, Google sold their 2.6 % share in Chinese search engine Baidu for USD 60 million (source).

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