Thursday, March 27, 2008

XING 2007 Report

Impressions from XING 's 2007 annual report:
  • some cities have 5% of the population in Xing

  • job postings with pay per click and special mapping for members

  • Xing has twice as many page impressions as LinkedIn!!! Source comScore via the annual report. LinkedIn might have 4 times as many users. Still, I think Xing is way more interesting to browse around in and to use than LinkedIn.

  • But, growth in page impressions has not kept up with member growth, from 1.67 billion to 2.37 billion (42%).

  • Average minutes per visitor: 27.3 (9.43 for LinkedIn), 44.0 in Germany!

  • "The extension of the XING development architecture to include the web development framework Ruby-on-Rails proved to be a major factor of success in 2007 for scaling the development process. In this way, XING has taken one step closer to its long-term objective of service-oriented architecture. The functionalities such as Marketplace, PremiumWorld, etc., are already running productively on Ruby-on-Rails."

  • XING has 25 developers (not sure about contractors).

  • "epublica GmbH, Hamburg, which has developed the software for the XING platform and which is a shareholder of XING AG, provided services in the amount of € 2,127 thousand in the year under review (previous year: € 757 thousand). As of December 31, 2007, liabilities attributable to these services amounted to € 154 thousand (previous year: € 0)."

  • Neil V. Sunderland, head supervisory board, Adinvest AG, Zumikon, Switzerland.

  • Aquisition of boils down to above EUR 15 per member.
Nothing new on the member growth in 2008, which seems to have been slowed down.

O1BC.ETR chart
Update 15:22: Last not least, interesting comparison of the strategic position of LinkedIn and XING by Bernard Lunn: LinkedIn vs. XING

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