Monday, May 12, 2008

Deutsche Bank Trendlines 2

When looking back at Deutsche Bank from the close at Friday 2008-05-02 till today, it had been pointed out to me in a blackboard, that the last Friday in a bar char shows a gap upwards and the open and close of that day are very close to each other. So this is supposed to be some bearish candlestick pattern (named something with a star).

DBK.ETR chart
Indeed, last week went mostly down.

DBK.ETR chart
The steep upwards trend has been also broken. If we cheat a bit and take the slightly shorter upwards trendline, that might hold and maybe there is a chance of swinging back upwards.

BTW, I removed two days from Eastern from the price history. Not sure this is the right thing to do, yet, now the downtrend looks a bit different compared to the chart drawn on Friday. With this dataset the first downtrend actually has not been broken. Thought a 62 day breakout still has happened (just considering the close). The price has now also gone through the second downtrend again.

DBK.ETR chart
Last not least, two insiders, Kevin Parker, head of DB asset management, and also the head of finance group sold 41'182 and 1'397 DB shares each. Hmmmmm. The EUR 4.50 dividend is being payed out on 2008-05-30 and they just sell before.

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