Tuesday, June 30, 2015

World's Biggest Companies

Source: Thomson Reuters Datastream
In CHF billion.
Market Capitalization
No CCY Name CHF Bln. Fiscal Year
1 USD APPLE 666.75 14-09-27
2 USD GOOGLE 'A' 339.12 14-12-31
3 USD MICROSOFT 333.58 14-06-30
4 USD EXXON MOBIL 321.82 14-12-31
5 USD BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY 'A' 312.85 14-12-31
6 HKD PETROCHINA 'H' 287.33 14-12-31
7 USD WELLS FARGO & CO 268.28 14-12-31
8 HKD INDL.& COML.BK.OF CHINA 'H' 268.06 14-12-31
9 USD JOHNSON & JOHNSON 251.74 14-12-28
10 USD GENERAL ELECTRIC 249.46 14-12-31
No CCY Name CHF Bln. Fiscal Year
1 USD WAL MART STORES 451.35 15-01-31
2 HKD CHINA PTL.& CHM. 'H' 402.92 14-12-31
3 GBP ROYAL DUTCH SHELL A 362.10 14-12-31
4 HKD PETROCHINA 'H' 342.05 14-12-31
5 USD EXXON MOBIL 339.00 14-12-31
6 GBP BP 314.29 14-12-31
7 EUR VOLKSWAGEN PREF. 209.78 14-12-31
9 JPY TOYOTA MOTOR 194.64 14-03-31
10 USD BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY 'A' 180.92 14-12-31
Net Income
No CCY Name CHF Bln. Fiscal Year
1 HKD INDL.& COML.BK.OF CHINA 'H' 41.32 14-12-31
2 USD APPLE 36.72 14-09-27
3 HKD CHINA CON.BANK 'H' 34.14 14-12-31
4 USD EXXON MOBIL 30.22 14-12-31
5 HKD BANK OF CHINA 'H' 25.41 14-12-31
6 USD MICROSOFT 20.51 14-06-30
7 USD WELLS FARGO & CO 20.28 14-12-31
8 USD JP MORGAN CHASE & CO. 18.67 14-12-31
9 USD BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY 'A' 18.47 14-12-31
10 USD CHEVRON 17.88 14-12-31

A few observations:

1. The top three companies by market cap now are all (kind of) software companies.

2. The next two companies by market cap are the only two companies that are in all three top 10 lists, market cap, sales, and net income. For Berkshire Hathaway, that is a little amazing, as it is not only a business conglomerate that is heavy in finance, which traditionally has comparatively lower revenues, but also is a holding company. E.g. it is a big shareholder of Wells Fargo, another top ten company by market cap _and_ net income (the later ones don't get attributed in proportion to Berkshire).

3. By sales, five top 10 companies are oil companies. All in the top six, only "topped" by Wal Mart. Glencore is another commodities company, that makes them six. Two car companies with traditionally very high sales. So Berkshire is quiet outstanding here. But who knows, Apple is not so far away..

4. By net income, three of the top five companies are Chinese banks. Now, I don't know if you can trust the official Chinese accounting, or if there is any transparent accounting of a bank's books at all, let alone both (I remember when Citi had a 20 billion USD profit year before Lehman), but it seems, China is definitely back on the scene. There are two more banks in the list, makes it 5 out of 10! JP Morgan seems to be untethered from the crisis (strange, isn't it)? Oh, and if you didn't know, Bank of China is not the biggest Chinese bank. ICBC is the one to remember. In case..

5. General Electric, once the champion itself, still made the top ten by market cap, but barely on rank ten. Still better than the likes of Wal-Mart, Cisco, or the total bankruptcy of General Motor. Still high on the list are Microsoft and Exxon however. Not sure Petrochina was on the top spot not so long ago as well.

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