Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chart Books

STOCKscreener. i n f o has now chart books. They let you flip through a lot of stock charts in a short amount of time.

This gives you a feel for what an extensive range of stocks are doing at the moment, where they are coming from, makes you accustomed with a lot of shares you haven't followed yet, or let's you scan for interesting stocks worth putting under further scrutiny.

You could start with the short Indices selection. If your appetite has been wetted, there are more chart books for the Euro Stoxx 50, DAX, SMI, and a bigger selection of German and Swiss stocks. There is also a chart book for the Dow Jones, thought it does not have much more than six months of a history yet for most stocks.

For each chart book you can select your preferred time frame, from 2 months to the maximum history available.

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