Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Special Charts

STOCKscreener.info has a new chart page.

What makes the charts on Stockscreener special?!

- go back in history
- permanent links

Normally financial sites offer you to go back a week, months, or some years, but mostly starting from today!
But that is not always what you want.
Sometimes you read up about some historical stock price movements or some example chart patterns in a book or blog.

DJI.DJI chart
It would be nice to go back and get a better, more detailed picture and see what has happened before and also scroll forward to see what has happened afterwards in history:

DJI.DJI chart
With Stockscreener you can do just that and freely select your start and end dates of interest. BTW, you can click on the image above for a larger version.

And next, like in this very blog post itself, wouldn't it be nice if you can easily reference and embed some chart sections into your web page or blog without having to copy paste an image from some web site, download it to your hard drive, do an upload to your web server, etc.?!

Now you can select the chart you are interested in on Stockscreener, including the size, and just copy paste the respective URL or section of HTML code. That's it. The image and its URL will stay permanent. Just click on any of the images here in this post to get to Stockscreener (or follow this chart link), scroll down and select the HTML code to embed the chart you need of any instrument and time frame you are interested in.

BTW, if you select a narrow date range, the charts will switch to HLOC bars:

SP.MDE chart

Happy chart chatter!

SP.MDE chart
COMP.NAS chart
SQN.SWX chart

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