Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gates Getting Serious On Search

Reuters: Microsoft targets Web with Yahoo or alone: Gates
"We can afford to make big investments in the engineering and marketing that needs to get done. We will do that with or without Yahoo," said Gates in an interview with Reuters.
I don't know what he is talking about specifically, Search or the Web or whatever, but I thought they were going for THAT already a long time ago?!!! So they are just starting now?!

Apparently they haven't been very serious about search so far. Look at this statistic from the stockscreener.info site since its inception in late July 2007:
Google bot hits:    50821
Yahoo bot hits: 17417
Microsoft bot hits: 533
My impression: Microsoft is not even trying. Yahoo seems to be serious, but just doesn't seem to have the same horse power available that Google does.

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