Saturday, February 23, 2008

The One Percent

Forbes: Q&A: Jamie Johnson On "The One Percent"
You've seen my father's reaction in the films: He freaks out, he really hates it. Many times he just throws me out of the room or kicks me out of the house. And then there are the characters or subjects in my films. I was sued at one point and there are a number of other people in those films that feel that I was a traitor to the affluent class in some way--that I betrayed them.

So you're not part of that same social circle anymore?

Well, not entirely. I have a number of friends that are from that circle, but I find there is a suspicion of me among certain wealthy people now. Every now and then when I ask a question, something completely innocent just because I'm curious, people say, "What do you want to know for? What is this about?"

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