Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jimmy Cayne


How to Think About How a Pot-Smoking, Card-Shark College Dropout Brought Down an 85-Year-Old Firm
-- October 2007: Cayne reassures investors: "Most of our businesses are beginning to rebound." Audible snickers are distinct in the background. Later that month, state-owned Chinese lender Citic pays $1bn for a 6% stake in Bear, giving the firm an approximately $20 billion valuation. You heard me. $20 billion. With a b.

-- December 2007: Bear Stearns posts fourth quarter loss of $854 million on massive mortgage-related writedowns, the first quarterly loss in its 85-year history, prompting Cayne to remark, "Mayhaps those Chinamen aren't so smart after all."


Posted by guest, Mar 22, 2008 7:41PM

I worked at Bear Stearns for a couple of years, earlier in the decade. Me and the head of fixed income sales were going to give a presentation to the sales force. But before we went we had to show the new Bear Stearns recruiting video. In it Jimmy said, "I love Bear Stearns...most of my personal wealth is in Bear Stearns....We will never sell Bear Stearns!" It ends and it's silent. Then the boss says, "What the fuck is he talking about...who'se gonna buy all my fucking stock?!" And then everyone went nuts throwing shit at the screen where Jimmy's smiling face was still there. That was 5 years ago. Poor bastards!

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