Friday, June 06, 2008

On Top Of The Situation

The Card Shark : Special Situations
By Johnny Chan
If I'm out of town and get a call informing me that a particularly big net loser is willing to play super-high, I'll usually hop on the next plane to Vegas, ready to play within an hour of landing. If I'm in town, I'll either be in the game or milling around the casino ready to get in the game when that guy is likely to be playing. And I'll almost always stay in the game as long as he's playing, putting most everything else on hold until he leaves town. I do this for a very simple reason: One week can often end up being worth more to me than the subsequent month or two.
For those who were on top of the situation, following the events over the weekend and ready to take advantage at market open Monday, there was much profit to be had.

In both poker and trading, doing your homework and consistently staying on top of prevailing conditions will do wonders for your bottom line. Train yourself to be ready and willing to take advantage of those special situations that come around infrequently. They can often be worth many months of regular work.

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