Saturday, May 22, 2010

Platinum Investment

Reuters: Redemption possible for platinum group ETFs
Physical investment demand for platinum rose 19 percent in 2009 to 660,000 ounces, boosted by strong growth of platinum and palladium ETFs, Johnson Matthey said.

Rhind said that investment alone, which represented less than 5 percent of total demand, was not enough to keep driving prices higher.


Autocatalytic converter demand traditionally accounts for half of the world's total platinum consumption. Last year, auto-sector buying fell to just 32 percent, JM said.
Businessweek: Chinese Platinum Jewelry Demand to Weaken, Johnson Matthey Says
Platinum investment demand rose 19 percent to 660,000 ounces last year, while palladium investment advanced 49 percent to an all-time high 625,000 ounces. ETF Securities Ltd. started exchange-traded funds backed by both metals in the U.S. at the beginning of the year.


Palladium may climb to a nine-year high of $700 an ounce in the next six months as the metal’s 2009 surplus of 760,000 ounces narrows, Johnson Matthey said. Palladium more than doubled in 2009, the best performance since at least 1993, and is up 26 percent this year at $514. The metal is unlikely to fall below $475 in the next six months, Johnson Matthey said.
Well, that is funny, because the free fall of the Palladium price before 2009 was just as stunning as its recent come back. The drop this week wasn't bad either, and now 475 looks already distant and sky high. Well, just show's that reading any predictions of people who don't show a track record is just a waste of time (and people who do have a respectable track record seem to make no specific predictions).
Total rhodium demand fell 21 percent last year to a 10-year low of 529,000 ounces, widening the metal’s surplus to 241,000 ounces, and Johnson Matthey said it expects another “large” surplus this year. The metal has gained 12 percent this year to $2,800 an ounce. Rhodium is mainly used in auto catalysts and also in the chemical and glass industries.


Ruthenium demand fell 18 percent to 574,000 ounces last year, and iridium consumption slipped 11 percent to 91,000 ounces, Johnson Matthey said. Ruthenium is mostly used for coating computer hard disks and iridium is used in spark plugs and for growing metal oxide crystals.

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