Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Van K. Tharp

Van K. Tharp is a psychologist specialized in coaching traders.

A very good book is:
Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom

From No Requirements to Be Happy: Part II:
A critical difference between good traders and the average trader is that good traders thrive on simplicity and not knowing. They come from being and simply go with the flow of the markets. If the markets tell them it's time to go up, then they buy. They might be wrong 60% of the time, but that is part of the game. They'll get out when the markets are no longer going up. They do this by simply observing what is happening, and are much more joyful because they are going with the flow. They allow themselves to let their profits run, because it's okay to be in the market when it is going up. They also allow themselves to get out, because it's okay to get out when the markets start to do something else.

What I've just described is pure trading. Its essence is simple. It doesn't require a lot of time. Instead, it gives you lots of time to play. It also involves seeing all possibilities and being in the flow of what is happening right now. You cannot do this if you are preoccupied with being right, doing hard work, or having money or profits. You can only do this when your mind is pure and you can be at one with what is going on around you.

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