Monday, November 19, 2007

The Complete TurtleTrader

The book is in the mail already, so I am not gonna read this article. Nevertheless author Michel Covel wrote a three page summation at the Daily Trader (free login required) about the story of his latest book:
Secrets Of The ‘Turtles’

Here is
The Complete TurtleTrader at Amazon.

Other worthwhile books related to either trend trading or 'the turtles' (or Richard Dennis) are
Trend Following, also by Michael Covel, and
Way of the Turtle by Curtis Faith.

It you like one of those books, you might bookmark Michael Covel's blog as well.

Update: I couldn't stop me from reading the article. Here is a quote I like:
“If it’s raining, all that means to me is I need an umbrella,” he once joked. “You don’t get any profit from fundamental analysis. You get profit from buying and selling. Why bother with appearances when you can go right to the reality of price?” The money, for Dennis, was simply a means of keeping score. “Trading is a little bit like hitting a ball,” he would say. “If you’re thinking what your batting average should be, you’re not concentrating on the right thing when you hit the ball. Dollars are the batting average of the trader.”

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